Nespresso Coffee Capsules

A Nespresso coffee machine is the best choice to make great quality coffee at any time during your day. We all know how revitalizing a cup of coffee can be, but a cup of coffee from a Nespresso machine it is not only revitalizing, but a sublime experience of flavors. Nespresso has created a variety of 16 flavors created for the most demanding connoisseurs of coffee.

Nespresso Capsules


Ristretto: This variety has richest Arabica beans from South America and Africa roasted separately to achieve this wonderful flavor.

Arpeggio: This blend is made of pure Arabica beans to prepare one of the strongest espressos. The Arabica beans in this blend come from South and Central America. It has notes of chocolate.

Roma: Roma is a well-balanced blend made out of two different beans: Arabica and Robusta from South and Central America.

Livanto: This blend has notes of fruit and caramel. It is made from Arabica beans from Costa Rica and Colombia harvested with traditional methods to preserve its mild flavor.

Capriccio: This light blend is the result of the combination of South American and Brazilian Robusta beans.

Volutto: This blend is made of Nespresso AAA sustainable program bean to support farmers and protect the environment. Its flavor is fruity and known for its high quality.

Cosi: This blend is characterized by hints of lemon. The beans used for the Cosi blend come from East Africa, South America, and Central America and are Arabica beans.


Decaffeinato: Light in flavor, Decaffeinato is made of a combination of South American Arabica and Brazilian Robusta beans.

Decaffeinato Intenso: This blend is made from Central American beans known for their notes of chocolate and intense aroma.

Decaffeinato Lungo: A smooth blend made of Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia with deep notes of malt and cereal.


Fortissio Lungo: South and Central America beans make this well-balanced and intense blend with a strong body.

Vivalto Lungo: A light blend combining South American and Ethiopian Arabica beans roasted separately.

Finezzo Lungo: This blend with notes of jasmine can be very refreshing. It is made of Arabica beans from South America, Central America, and East Africa.

Pure Origin

Indriya: This blend from India has a strong body with some notes of nutmeg and cloves.

Rosabaya de Colombia: This blend is made purely of Arabica beans from the heights of Colombia. It has a fruity flavor with some hints of wine with a sweet and soft aroma.

Dulsao do Brasil: Made from Brazilian Arabica beans at high altitudes and dried in the sun. This blend offers a sweet and unique flavor.

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